By Darlington Chidarara, Project Coordinator, Action Aid Zimbabwe and Mukasiri Sibanda, Stop the Bleeding Consortium Coordinator

Africa is shouldering an overweight sustainable development problem of poverty, inequality, instability, and conflict that COVID-19 has aggravated. There are many contributing factors, undoubtedly, to the continent’s stunted socio-economic growth. …

Why Are Extractives Critical to Africa Today?

This blog was originally shared via IGF

Now, more than ever, Africa is under enormous pressure to strengthen its public finances: poverty levels have risen, and the inequality gap has widened due to COVID-19. Statistics from the African Development Bank (AFDB) paint a dismal picture: 28–40 million Africans are expected…

By Mandla Hadebe, Acting Director, Economic Justice Network Africa and Mukasiri Sibanda, Tax & Natural Resource Governance Advisor, Tax Justice Network Africa

Over the past few weeks, a coalition of institutions including the Tax Justice Network Africa (TJNA) and the Economic Justice Network Africa (EJNA) have been working to organise…

by Mukasiri Sibanda, Advisor Natural Resource Governance, Tax Justice Network Africa. Originally shared on TJNA website

2020 has been like no other year as COVID-19 nearly brought the world to a halt. What started as a health disaster, spilled into a socio-economic crisis resulting in a massive reversal of the…

Mukasiri Sibanda

Mineral Resource Governance — Artisanal & Small Scale Mining; Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt & Development Board Chairperson, own views expressed here

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